With My Homies and Me

31 October 2013



Met with the devout tonight at Canary Wharf, courtesy of Bob Annibale and our friends at Citibank, organized by the Microfinance Club of the UK and Women Advancing Microfinance (WAM). Our CEO group — Competitors Collaborating — answered hard (Malcom “I write books nobody reads” Harper — take heart, Malcolm, our best work is always published posthumously) and softball (?) questions from an audience that included a rich mix of The Faithful and newcomers. And then we repaired for goblets of wine and hor d’oerves — or however you spell that.


Have to say I love this town. How does it go? “To be tired of London is to be tired of Life” Trudat, trudat


Save travels, amigo(a)s.

Rupert Scofield


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