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12 July 2012

Yes, I Could Just Sit Here and Look At It All Day

As the tethers of everday tribulation slip away, I find my freed mind questing after the Bigger Thoughts, like: Why is Kim Kardashian so much richer and more famous than I am?

And I come down to this: Kim is Beyond Beautiful. If she were Helen of Troy, they would strike a coin in her image. Come to think of it, we should put her face on something before we forget what she looks like. A nickel would do. Oooo, that’s unkind. Up it to a quarter. Hey! Coins with outlast paper currency, which, as we know, may one day bear the image of Ronald Reagan.

Okay, a bigger thought than that. I remember Dennis Kucinich was laughted out of the Democratic Presidential line up in 2008 because he advocated a “Department of Peace” which should co-exist beside the Department of Defense. But when you think about it, what more brilliant way to inch towards World Peace than create a group of people who do nothing but think about how to achieve that. The Department of Defense, as the name denotes, is focused only on threats to America, and on devising various ways of fending them off. This is a big job, especially today. Those good folks are not going to devote one minute or one dollar to figuring out how to defuse conflicts. They are going to assume the absolute worst, most evil intentions of our enemies and make sure that we have ways to fend them off. As they should.

But where will that get us, in the long run? You can’t win, in the long run, by playing defense. Every athlete knows that. Let’s create that Department of Peace. What have we got to lose? Maybe other countries would copy us.

Imagine all the people, sharing all the world……

Rupert Scofield


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