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18 January 2012

My colleagues and I in the Microfinance CEOs Working Group are releasing an Open Letter to the Microfinance Industry today that descibes who we are and what we’re doing to promote responsible microfinance. Stay tuned to FINCA’s website where it should post later today.

Romney, under unrelenting pressure from his adversaries, has agreed to release his 2010 tax return, which should spark the hilarious spectacle of internecine class warfare within the Republican party. It will also expose the monstrous unfairness of our system, where Romney will pay a 15% rate while most of us in the middle class pay at least twice that.

Today we finish our planning retreat with an innovation we pioneered at a retreat two years ago in Canada at the home of one of our board members. We call it “speed dating”, and it’s a way for a matrix organization to sort out the difficult challenge of implementing projects with dual or multiple accountabilities. Essentially, my department heads who have to collaborate on a project meet for a half hour or so to discuss how they will parcel out the different pieces, and who will have “the big A” (take the lead) and who will have “the small A”. It works pretty well and breaks down the silos.

Okay, gotta run.

Rupert Scofield


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