To Whom Do We Send the Bill?

10 August 2011

The world is two trillion dollars poorer, that’s what they tell us. Rush Limbaugh says it’s Obama’s fault, that he “owns” the downgrade, that he inherited a AAA rating, and there is no way he can escape blame for this.

Rush is a fair and balanced kind a guy. How do I know? Because Rush also said there is no way George Bush can escape blame for 9/11, that he “owns” the fact that he received warnings and did nothing about them, that $5 trillion of the $14.3 trillion of debt was run up on his watch, and Rush apologizes for not saying anything about it at the time, and that the war in Iraq was a mistake, and even if it wasn’t, it shouldn’t have been paid for with a “borrow and spend” model, which is even worse than the Democrat “tax and spend”, which at least doesn’t bankrupt the country……

When did you stop believing? If at the first sentence, give yourself ten points. Deduct one point for every word after that.

Others tell us that we should listen to what the S & P said in their statement, that it was in large part due to the fact that we have a dysfunctional government that can’t reach agreement on anything, even things as important as paying our bills on time. What a wonderful role model. But maybe, in these times, an appropriate one. United States of America, welcome to the Third World.

I wrote a novel a while back, called “Ronnie’s Greenhouse”, in which, after years of dysfunctional government, the US moved to a system called “Electronic Democracy”. We sent the Congress — and even the Executive Branch — packing, and we just voted up and down via plebicites, on every issue, large and small. If the DOD wanted a new weapons system, they had to sell it to the people, not buy off a few key Senators. If the Dems wanted a new entitlement system, they had to get a majority of the country to approve it. Those who voted for it, paid for it.

I think it’s an idea whose time has come and gone, and come again.

Rupert Scofield


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