A Tiger Grandpa Looks to the Future

29 December 2013

Grandpa, I'm tired of Rachmaninov, can we play Franz Listz?

Grandpa, I’m tired of Rachmaninov, can we play Franz Listz?



As every Tiger Grandpa knows, a big part of your role is planning for the future. As in: Stanford at 11, killer app at 15, IPO at 19, retirement at 22. Being in California gives rise to such thoughts. Although I’m on vacation, a TG is always working. I took my grandchildren (pictured), Lucy and Ford, to a mixer a friend of my sponsored for pre-school children and Angel Investors.


A lot of coaching went into it, but I was really proud of how Lucy and Ford worked the room, sometimes separately, other times as a team. Ford can’t talk yet, but at times I would look over and see him surrounded by VCs, admiring his break dancing routine. We came away with an impressive stack of business cards.


The New Year, 2014, looms just over yon high Eastern hill. Are you ready?

Rupert Scofield


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