The Sisters Kardashian?

4 September 2012

After Don Quixote, A Walk in the Park

What am I reading since I vanquished Don Quixote in the original Castellano? I knew you’d be curious.

I hope you won’t think I’m slummin’, but I decided to take on something lighter, so I’m reading Doestoyevsky’s ‘The Brothers Karamazov’. It’s a work, if you are my age, you were probably subjected to in 10th grade, back in the days when we were all forced to read ‘The Classics’, which actually can’t be enjoyed until you’re in your late 50s. Some of them — like James Fenimore Cooper — are best savored posthumously.

It turns out that I am thoroughly enjoying The Brothers Karamazov. The characters are all insane but incredibly entertaining. Except for some tiresome conversations about religion and philosophy that go on for too long, it’s a page turner.

In inspired by The Brothers K, my own next writing project, ‘The Sisters Kardashian’, will be the story of a quartet of talentless daughters of a venal mother who encourages them to put their lives on permanent display in return for lucrative television, perfume, clothing and shoe contracts. Leveraging little more than their own (in some cases) rockin’ good looks and complete lack of shame, this family soon becomes better known and remunerated than all but a handful of software geeks and oil sheiks.

I know, Too Out There. Sounds like an Unreality Show. But what do you think, Jessica? Shall we pitch it to Ari at Billy Morris?

Rupert Scofield


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