The Revolution Stops Here – Or Does It?

22 February 2011

All eyes are on Libya, as we watch what will either become the miniseries The Final Days of the Tyrant or Khaddafi: The Enduring Dicatator.

Both screenplays are in production as we speak, trust me.

Prediction: If it is the former that graces our big screens six months from now, then the the dominoes will still be falling, and they won’t stop until there is not a single Tyrant standing. Why? Because the Survival by Supression model of governance will have been tested, and will have failed. The long suffering populations of 50 countries will ask themselves: If not now, when?

What hath Zuckerman wrought?

Meanwhile, back at the palace, Ghadaffi’s security forces must be eyeing each other with great apprehension. The jet is fueled and ready on the runway, but how many seats are already spoken for? Who gets to go on that last flight to Caracas — and will there be room for the wife and kids? “Sorry, colonel, but if you want to take a second suitcase of cash, there will be a $25 dollar charge.”

Maybe better to cap the dude, and then declare ourselves “on the side of the revolution.”

Tomorrow: A New Beginning, or Just a New Bum?

Rupert Scofield


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