The Revolution Stops Here – It Did

15 March 2011

As feared, Despots-R-Us (Bahrain, Saudi, Yemen) are taking heart from Khadaffi’s I’m-the-President-I-can-kill-whom-I-please response to the uprising and are turning their guns on their own people. I remember when one of my union buddies, who had been assigned to Chile during the Pinochet era was at a party with a plethora of generals and colonels,¬†all sprouting medals and ribbons on their chests and, listening to them bad mouthing the unions, responded: “So, did you get those all those medals for killing your own people?”

Had a possibly historic meeting of the microfinance CEOs this weekend, but am under a gag order until we meet again, a month from now. But it was progress.

Got to catch a flight! Next stop: Zambia.

Rupert Scofield


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