The Other Rupert

10 July 2011

Like most of the rest of the world, I have been following the travails of my “tacayo”, Rupert Murdoch, and wondering whether there is something like Divine Retribution at work. I’ve never met RM (although I did see him speak at the Clinton Global Initiative, where he served mainly as a punching bag for the moderator of a panel on the influence of journalism in developing countries), so I won’t judge him other than to say he must be more complex than meets the eye: what do we make of a man who builds a fortune of $6 billion from dumbing down major newspapers into tabloid sludge and who used the principal of turning “news” into “what people wanted to hear” vs. what they needed to hear to build Fox News into the go-to source for more Americans than the network that reported on the “skies lighting up over Bagdad”, CNN, but who also counts among the men he admires Tony Blair and Barack Obama?

While we watch that one play out, what about the really important stuff, like Keeping Up with how I’m doing in my quest to overtake Kim in the Who’s Got the Cooler Life? contest?

Well, the good news I am still on track to overtake her based on % increases (I was + 5% vs. her anemic + 1% in Followers — is there a Mathematician in the House? How long with it take?), although — surprise — we both fell off a bit in “real” increases: Kim was a paltry + 63,302F vs. my + 3F.

What is going on here? Twitter Fatigue? I could swear, observing the local bird fauna down here in Tanzania, that even their “tweets” were growing a little weaker, a little more inaudible.

Followers! Arise! Suck it Up! Get that Blackberry out! I want to see those thumbs dancing!

Rupert Scofield


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