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21 October 2012

Red Sky at Night

Check out this video snippet by WOBI (World of Business Ideas) that we shot this summer in NYC, where I give two tips to aspiring social entrepreneur’s on how to find your passion. WOBI did a great job with it and it’s the closest I’ve come so far to ‘goin’ viral’.

Speaking of young (and not so young) SEs, had a great time at Jonathan Lewis’ Opportunity Collaboration last week in Ixtapa, Mexico. I think Jonathan has cracked the code on how to make a conference both enjoyable and illuminating. The format is morning sessions on the ‘big picture’ (e.g., what is poverty, what is power, and how do we use the latter to eradicate the former?) which are in the form of two hour group therapy sessions (I know, but it works) which have the effect of getting people to relax, drop their egos and interact with more honesty and less concern about the impression they are making, followed by the ‘content’ discussion which are much more interactive and never the ‘panel of experts holds forth while the hoi polloi gets 5 minutes of Q & A’. It gets a big ‘like’ from me. Recommend you make your reservations soon for next year as it sells out quickly.

Tonight it’s off to Uganda for the — can you believe it? — 20th anniversary of the founding of FINCA Uganda, our first program in Uganda. Going to visit the very first village bank I organized in Kimantu village, near Jinja, the Source of the Nile. Am certain to be assaulted by memories, which I will share. Plus the usual video interviews with our clients.

Meanwhile, going to enjoy this beautiful autumn day here in the Nation’s Capital.

Rupert Scofield


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