The Glory of Spring

28 April 2013

Azalea Time in Bethesda

I was traveling the entire month of April so missed the Cherry Blossoms and Tulips back in Washington, but not, fortunately, the azaleas. Europe was still in its long winter at the beginning of the month, but by the end it was sunny and delightful.

The ‘weather’ at work and my personal life seems to have followed a parallel track. April was a month that began clouded by uncertainty in many ways, but as we approach the end I find all three of my kids with college degrees and rumunerative jobs. Even my dog has a job. (barking at passersby)

Things at FINCA are so busy these days that we seldom find time to even reflect on how quickly time passes and new milestones fall. At the regional meeting in Istanbul I found myself often just sitting back and marveling at how well everyone seems to understand their role in the organization and how competently they execute their plans. At such times, it’s easy to forget the zillions of hours of work thousands of people put it to get us to this point.

Spring. The time when, as F.Scott Fitzgerald put, “one has a familiar feeling of life beginning all over again.”

Rupert Scofield


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