Thanks for Nothing

22 November 2011

Still working through the East-West jetlag from my trip, which is a more benign form than the West-East strain, which once caused me to fall asleep in mid-sentence when I was doing a debriefing to a consulting client in Bangkok. The E-W version is accompanied by what Faulkner called “a gutful lassitude”, not at all unpleasant but vaguely distracting, and it has caused me sometimes to stop at green lights and go sailing through red ones.

I’m getting back in touch with Don Quixote after a six week hiatus. I dragged myself across the 900 page mark this morning. DQ and Sancho have met a travelling acting troupe which features a monkey who tells the past and present, but not the future. I know, I know…..

Quelle surprise! The Super Committee failed to come up with a compromise to cut the deficit. Quelle autre surprise! The columnists are split, the conservatives blaming Obama and the liberals blaming the Republicans. I’m so glad nothing important is at stake, like the future of the planet.

Wouldn’t it be grand if there were another Steve Jobs or Bill Gates toiling away in his garage right now, about to spring the next Big Thing that will unleash another wave of American innovation.

Somebody, invent something, please!

Rupert Scofield


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