Taking Stock at the Six Month Mark

1 July 2011

I have a new goal in life: Ruling the Interwebs with my Twitter game.

So, we have been at this blogging thing for six months now, which begs the Edward Koch (former mayor of NYC) question: “Howmidoin’?”

The Good News: Have had a slew of interviews, two on camera, many on radio, many in print on line, 3 reviews, all cinc etoile (*****), and the Amazon rating (where about 40% of all books are sold today) plunged from 1.9 million to a low (high) point of about 24,218 (it’s 98,216 today).

Oh, and I’m having a blast.

The Bad News: Benchmarked against Kim Kardashian, I’m still toiling in the backwaters of the bush leagues. Kim has 8,085,352 followers on Twitter. I have 55.

Anyway, enjoy this brief video while I ponder my strategy to close that 8,085,297 follower gap.

Rupert Scofield


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