3 December 2011

The Fighting 71st of Guatemala Peace Corps

I will eventually learn that BlackBerry cameras are zeros when it comes to low-light environments — but they do produce some neat Special FX such as this one shot by our server at “Stan’s”, FINCA’s official after hours watering hole. The occasion was a rare get together of me and four of my Peace Corps mates, one of whom I had not seen since our group left Guatemala for the States, 38 years ago.

It was strange to wake up in my own bed this morning, after 6 weeks of being in more or less constant motion during the course of my 11 city tour. I’m grounding myself — except for a quick hop up to NYC for the Microfinance CEOs Working Group on Dec 19 — for the balance of the year.

Had a great book signing with the Brown Club of D.C. — thanks, you guys! My favorite moment was when, having explained my struggle to eschew the memoir form (my agent advised against it, arguing that it was a very “crowded shelf”), I was groping for the right word to explain that I had organized the book according to subject matter (HR, Fundraising, Governance, etc) as opposed to presenting the material in……in……what’s the word? A chorus of “Chronological!” came from my audience.

In the category of Mr.-Last-to-Read-the-writing-on-the-wall, I see Herman has called it quits, citing “false accusations” from his harem of ex GFs and harrassment victims.

Sorry, Herm. But if you’re going to serve politics instead of pizzas, you have to learn to lie better than that.

Rupert Scofield


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