Something is Working

25 May 2011

My ranking on Amazon has risen from being in the 200,000s to the 20,000s, which means, as the Mad Men say, “something is working, we just don’t know what.” I also got an email from Amazon marketing the Social Entrepreneur’s Handbook. Was it the INDIE Business podcast interview? The Apocalyse Not Yet blog? Quemosabe.

The Zambia videos are in — finally! — but I’m having some technical difficulties with the download, but we’ll work it out, and yagonnaluvem, I promise.

We haven’t checked in with Don Quijote and Sancho for a while, but there was a good reason. It took them 80 pages to say their goodbyes to their families before they DQ mounted his nag Rosinante and Sancho his burro and they headed out to Toboso to try to find Dulcinea. 80 pages! People were patient in those days.

May favorite part was when Sancho was trying to negotiate a small salary from DQ, instead of waiting to receive his compensation in the form a the kingdom his Knight Errant had promised to give him at the end of their journey. It reminded me of the days when John and I hired people for a few hundred bucks a month to run our pilot programs in Central America. DQ put Sancho off, telling him that any number of people would kill to be his escudero. It worked, and Sancho came out of the negotiation empty handed.

How little things have changed.

Rupert Scofield


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