Whether your mission is as ambitious as pulling millions of people out of poverty or as modest as feeding people in your neighborhood, now is the perfect time to get started. Social entrepreneurship has never been more needed, more valued, and more achievable than it is today.

In The Social Entrepreneur’s Handbook, author Rupert Scofield—President and CEO of FINCA International—gives you a practical plan for doing what you might have thought wasn’t possible: becoming a driving force for good by using business practices typically reserved for amassing personal wealth. Scofield teaches you how to:

  • Focus your passions for social or environmental change into a single, achievable pursuit
  • Create a business plan that uses commercial entrepreneur best practices for socially beneficial ends
  • Mitigate the personal, financial, and professional risk that comes with running a nonprofit organization

Becoming a social entrepreneur is among the biggest decisions anyone can make—and one of the most rewarding. When you put your talent and hard work into amassing not capital but social capital, you’ll finally see those changes you’ve been thinking, dreaming and talking about take shape.
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