Out of Time – Don’t Oblama Me

29 July 2011

There is no longer enough time for our hapless Congress to cut a deal. Boehner can’t even bring his own party holdouts to the table to agree on a Dead On Arrival bill that will fail in the Senate. There may be time for the Senate to deliver a DOA bill to the House, where it will be loaded up with Poison Pills to ensure defeat in the combined Senate and House negotiation.

But the surest sign that we’ve run out of time is that the Conservative pundits, Will and Krauthammer, are already working out how to make this fiasco Obama’s fault. They say he’s engineered it so that Congress shares the blame for the second recession. How’s that for backwards logic?

Today, I predict, will see a 500 point fall in the Dow. Monday will be 1,000 point drop, and Tuesday will bring the dreaded No Bottom Market.

Meanwhile, Quijote is squaring off against the Caballero del Bosque. Sancho has asked if he can watch from the branches of a nearby tree.

For us in the Land of the Free, however, there is no place to hide.

Rupert Scofield


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