Oh, Joyeux Day!

13 November 2011

Our revels now are ended.

But what a celebration!

A Hollywood-beautiful bride, a Hugh Grant-handsome groom, with better hair, the incomparable Colin Ross on the piano, backed by his wife Mig, who composed a haunting Scottish ballad (she’s Irish) recounting the legend of how the couple met on a moonlit, sand badger-infested beach in Norfolk, brilliant, tear-soaked speeches, a best man-cum-violinist who redefined Dylan’s “Hurricane”, the fabulous officiate, Marian, who kept us laughing through the World’s Most Serious Vows with her off-the-Moors humor and brogue, the great food and wine selected by Lorraine and Lesley, the un(?)forgettable pre-ceremony pub crawl engineered by Robert and Rupert, the guests who had come from the four points of the compass — San Francisco, Toronto, Washington, Sarlat, Singapore — and so on, and so on.

Thanks to everyone, especially my dear wife, who made this event a huge success!

And to Michelle and Douglas: I hope you felt the love. You guys take it from here!

Rupert Scofield


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