My Websayito – Feedback Wanted

23 December 2011

For All Ye Faithful, it has been almost a year since we have been meeting like this, and if I can prevail upon you to give me some feedback as to what has worked and what hasn’t in this websayito (blog), I will be in your debt and pledge to take your recommendations under the strictest advisement. Please let me know by whatever vector suits you (WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, email, etc) which of the following categories you enjoyed most and which least:

Interviews with FINCA clients in various countries We did Zambia, Nicaragua, Tanzania, Afghanistan and Azerbaijan. But I didn’t always have a professional video team with me so the quality was, by my own admission, uneven. Going to school myself to do better in 2012.

Behind-the-lines coverage of the self-described (by Romney) “zany” field of Republican candidates for President If this didn’t work, it’s not for want of unbelievable material.

Don Quixote de la Mancha I took incredible artistic risks here, taking on a 1400 page, 400 year-old tome in the original Castellano whose plot at times advanced with the speed of an ant with five broken legs carrying an anvil through an ocean of congealing superglue. I had hoped to complete it before the end of the year, but I’m only up to page 988.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians I thought I had a real winner here, but my challenge to overtake Kim in Twitter Followers was stymied by the “October Surprise” of her divorce from Kris. Niether he nor I saw it coming. As a result, she will complete the year with 12,054,302 Followers whereas, barring a miracle, I will end with 189.

Zambesi Gorge Jump No, sorry, I am not going to repeat this one. A 150 foot dead drop at the end of a frayed bungi cord is something one should do once in a lifetime, and only when tricked into it by your EA as I was.

Happy Holidays!

Rupert Scofield


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