Kim: Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

8 August 2011

My Followership on Twitter surged a remarkable 15% this week, while Kim posted another hapless 2% rise. True, as the Quibbling Quants in my back office point out, she continues enjoy a significant and growing lead in the “Follower Gap” — she extended her edge by another 191,222 Followers, for a total of 8,827,846 million.

I’m going to speculate here that what we are seeing is a “wedding effect”, and were I willing to turn my most personal moments into a Mardi Gras parade I could be scoring six digit increases as well.

Still, you have to wonder: How does she do it? One theory I have heard is that she has people inside the maternity wards of all the hospitals in the US who create twitter accounts for every newborn. Yes, I know, I thought it was crazy, too. But then I did a little experiment with my granddaughter, Lucy. I put a picture of her Mom on one side of the room, and then propped up this month’s edition of Cosmopolitan, the one with Kim’s mug on the cover, on the other side. After a moment’s hesitation, her head turning back and forth like a spectator at a ping pong match, Lucy grinned broadly and start crawling towards Kim.

The markets open in 15 minutes. Rumor has it that Boehner is willing consider something on the revenue side in order to save the country. Yesterday, he met with the Tea Partiers and told them he would consider increasing taxes on all Americans earning under $15,000. Since many of the Tea Partiers fall into this group, you can imagine they were not happy. Until he explained to them that the Hedge Fund Managers would emerge unscathed and, since this is America, where anything can happen, they might all be Hedge Fund Managers when they grew up.

Rupert Scofield


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