Keeping Up With Don Quixote

17 July 2011

At the risk of bringing the Wrath of the Kardashians (sounds like a Star Trek Pre-Prequel, I know) down upon my head, I’m going to dedicate this blog to Keeping Up with the Hidalgo instead, from whom I have had an involuntarily three week separation owing to my trips to London to promote the book (see the media page for BBC and Telegraph interviews) and Tanzania to video some FINCA client interviews (coming up as soon as I figure out what Ali G called “The Techmology”)

But let’s do a nod to Kim, if only to keep her publicist at bay. Seriously, since she got wind of our “Who’s Life is Cooler” smackdown the woman gives me no peace. Tweets me every other day: ‘Hey, Rupert, didn’t see Kim as a key word in your last post. Whazzup with that? Her Followership not happy.’

Meanwhile, I continue to gain ground on Miss Popularity, with my Followership up 3% since last week while Kim gained a risible 1% over the same period. This corresponded to 2 more for me and an increase of 113,146 for Kim. I’m still good, right, as long as the velocity of my growth is superior? Anyone know of a good online calculator I could access to figure out exactly when I will overtake her?

Anyway, back to Don Quixote. He dispatched Sancho Panza into Toboso to inform his Otro Significante, Dulcinea, that DQ is in town and wants to see her. This is a dilemma for Sancho, since, although he suspects that Dulcinea is just another of his master’s delusions, he convinced DQ to come to Toboso as a way to get him to abandon his hermitage in the mountains. Then he hits on a great solution: since his master is crazy, he will convince him that the first hag they meet on the road from Toboso is, in fact, his beloved Dulcinea, who has been transformed by some wizard’s spell into an ugly old bag.

I know, but keep in mind, this thing was written in 1615.

Rupert Scofield


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