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18 November 2011

This is Global Entrepreneurship Week (today is the last day, sorry, I just couldn’t get to it, travelling too much) and I have two blogs out there, one in The Washington Post and the other at ONE.ORG both of which have scored some good traffic and comments, so check them out. They have also keep my Amazon ratings high all week which is also fun to see.

The bride is recovering from her Equine Malfunction on her honeymoon, and being taken good care of by her new husband. Thanks, Douglas, and best wishes for a speedy recovery, Michelle!

Now that I am home from my 6-week Odyssey I will do these websayitos more frequently.

I do have to share, however, my own unique so-this-social-media-stuff-really-does-work experience. The day after the wedding, I was in a taxi headed to Paddington, from where I would take the Heathrow Express to the airport of the same name, and then on to Spain for the Microcredit Summit, when, on a whim, I sent a tweet to Nick Kristoff of the New York Times (1.2 million Followers) with the following message: “Hey, Nick, I just got the bill for my daughter’s wedding, and it came in less than $10 million, so I will have money left over for schools and vaccines.” (This was a reference to a tweet NK sent which was critical of Kim blowing $10 mm on her DOA wedding) Good old Saint Nick retweeted it, resulting in my acquiring an additional 70 Followers in the next 24 hours.

So, yeah, Social Media works. But you knew that.

Rupert Scofield


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