24 April 2013

Hangin’ with my Homies at the Eurasia Regional in Instanbul.   Sometimes it’s in the after hours that the most powerful insights come.   Like tonight, talking to two of my CEOs about what impact FINCA is having in the countries where we work.    Usually we talk about how our work helps the clients with their businesses, and their families, but tonight these two guys just threw out some random stats like:   In Country 1, FINCA was among the top 50 tax payers.   And in Country 2, FINCA was among the 10 best companies to work for.   We be playahs, in other words.  A microfinance company having a macro impact.

From there the conversation turned to what values FINCA tries to promote in the countries where we work.   Like honesty.   Treating customers and employees fairly.   Not corrupting public employees just to get around legislation.

Suppose every business, in every country in the world, subscribed to values like these?  Suppose someone who worked for a company like this got elected President?   Would it not change the world?

The music, the moment, never let it go, yo, you got one shot do not blow this opportunity comes once in a life time, yo.






Rupert Scofield


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