I’m Goin’ Hollywood!

28 November 2011

I'm Goin' Hollywood!

One thing to say for smog is it produces some really beautiful sunrises here in ‘The Valley’. This picture doesn’t do it justice as it was snapped with my low tech BlackBerry cam.

Doing my emails, checking in with the various Tribunes of my Empire to see how things are going. Big worry bead today is the election in the Congo. The challenger has already promised to not accept the results if he loses, and start a revolution to overthrow Kabila. In Kosovo we’re sweating the hoped for passage of a law that will allow us to transform into a bank.

The hostess at the restaurant saw my name and said ‘Oh, Paul Scofield. A Man for all Seasons’. Only in Hollywood.

Okay, looking forward to today’s gigs at UCLA Anderson School of Management and USC Marshall School of Business. Bring your twitterers, guys, because if you have the best answer to the question: “How can social entrepreneurship change the world?” you will win a copy of my book.

Rupert Scofield


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