I’m a Forty Niner

29 November 2011

The Proud Winner of the UCLA Tweet Contest

Had a great time yesterday meeting the next generation of people who are going to change the world for the better at the business schools of UCLA and UCS. Pictured here is Danny Green whose tweeted answer to the question “How can Social Entrepreneurship Change the World?”: “By making a profit and doing good synonomous.” prevailed over stiff competition. At USC, it was Patrick Furlong’s ” Social Entrepreneurship is a response to social probs that break our hearts. We change the world by caring enough to act 4 & w/ others n solidarity” that took the day.

Today it’s on to Stanford School of Business and then U of San Francisco School of Management. I’m stoked!

Meanwhile on the political scene, Herman’s woes continue to mount, and his supporters begin to ask: Is there a woman he HASN’T slept with? If so, may she come forward now. Of course, who would believe her?

Rupert Scofield


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