Good on You, Tucson

15 January 2011

I have to say, I thought the memorial service was brilliant, and when I go, I want one just like it.
You probably did not know, but FINCA was briefly headquartered in Tucson. Nice town, nice people. And beautiful women, many refugees from The Valley on the other side of the Sierra Nevadas. JohnHatch, our beloved Founder, made his way there after sojourns in Phoenix and Flagstaff, where FINCA was even more briefly housed, after John fled his two bedroom apartment on Broadway and 56th St, the actual birthplace of FINCA.
John was in between wives #2 and #3, and he had quite a following. And here is something for all you aspiring Social Entrepreneurs to know: there is no stronger aphrodesiac than a man obsessed with a noble mission.
In a more grim vein, I learned from an interview with a Arizona gun advocate on CNN that 100 million households in the US have guns in them. Wow. That means that if you go knock on a stranger’s door you have a better than 50% chance of catching a load of buckshot in the face. Cool! The CNN reporter actually asked the guy the question I had: how about if we pass a law that nobody can buy these enormous banana clips holding dozens of rounds so that the shooter can mow down the whole 5th grade before somebody breaks a chair over his head. This is more or less how the guy answered:
Gun Nut: “Uh, the answer is more training.”
Reporter: “Yes, but my question is: Should we pass a law against being able to buy these large clips?”
Gun Nut: “And the training should be undertaken by the private sector. The government is just no good at these things.”
Reporter: “Yes, but, — aw, forget it.””
So this guy’s solution is that the nine year old girl who got killed should have been sent to Camp LeJuene for basic training?
Lest I be accused of being anti Second Amendment, let me point out that mine is one of those 100 million “strapped” households. That’s right, I have a duck gun, although it’s been over two decades since I fired it. And it was self defense. It was that goose or me. He was from Canada, for Christ sake! What was he doing in the Land of the Free? Talk about an immigration problem.
Seriously, when it comes to gun control, can’t we have someone other than the NRA, which behaves as if it’s owned lock, stock and two smoking barrels by the gun manufacturers, call the shots?
All for now. Wife is out of town, beer in the refrig, and the playoffs on the flat screen. You understand.

Rupert Scofield


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