Giving Tuesday

23 November 2017

ON  NOVEMBER 28, after Thanksgiving weekend, our sixth Giving Tuesday will take place. This is the one day each year when we celebrate the philanthropic causes that mean the most to us, and this year, as part of our Giving Tuesday Challenge, we will be quadrupling any donation you make before November 29th. That means you can help four times as many people build a better future for themselves and for their families by empowering them to start and develop their own businesses.

On November 28, we will also be holding FINCA UK’s annual event in London. This event will raise funds and awareness for FINCA Ventures, a program that supports early-stage social enterprises that provide products or services to our clients in non-financial sectors. Since the invention of microfinance, the most powerful weapons in the war against inequality and poverty have been these affordable, life-transforming products. We at FINCA are proud to lead this initiative. As one of our contacts in the solar industry put it, ‘FINCA has 30-plus years as an owner-operator of a global network of financial institutions. No one has that.’ FINCA Ventures is the means by which we collaborate with social enterprises in a rapidly changing landscape of innovation. It allows us to guide and influence, but also to learn. Together, we can work to solve some of the world’s most intractable social problems.

Since the creation of FINCA, we have recognized the barriers in social enterprise that prevent women specifically from realizing their potential and that’s why we have made female empowerment a core part of our identity and our strategy. In developing countries, where so many women are financially excluded when compared to their male counterparts, even small donations can have huge implications for the direction of a woman’s life. When power is in the hands of women, children receive a better education and whole communities can be lifted out of poverty.

Please donate here today, and make a difference.

Join FINCA on Giving Tuesday to hear our members tell their favorite stories about our clients and describe the impact they’ve had. Tune in to our Facebook page between 9.30 and 11.30am EST. Our Giving Tuesday gift will end at midnight on 28 November.

Rupert Scofield


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