Do Do That Youtube That You Do So Well

31 March 2011

Well now I’m blogged, tweeted, facebooked and youtubed — what’s next? Bring it on!

On second thought, please don’t, not yet, read my lips: NO NEW APPS! Let me digest these, first.

After five weeks on the road, I’m back at the res in Bethesda, catching up on work, bills, repairs, and, of course, Don Quijote. In a neat twist, I discovered that I was just pages from the end of the “Primera Parte”
(a mere 660 pages), where our protagonist returns home to La Mancha from his first series of adventures. DJ is carried into his house amidst the lamentations of his wife and maid, stripped naked and tossed into bed where he is presently recovering and gathering strength for his next “salida”. The priest and the canonist, thankfully, have gone their merry ways.

I have more clips from Zambia which will appear in this space in days to come, including a shameless promotion for the “Handbook” , plus observations on Libya and the rest of the Middle East (quick take: O, stop trying to be the anti-Bush. And don’t worry about Security Council members who want to preserve their right to garrot journalists and crush their citizens beneath tanks)

Meanwhile, here is a clip of one of our clients, Evelyn, plying her trade in the main market in Lusaka:

Rupert Scofield


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