Correcting the Record on “Good on You, Music Man”

18 May 2011

I did a blog a while back (April 13th) “Good on You, Music Man” about my friend, Greg Loman, and his laudable work with Walter Reed Vets through an organization called “Musicorps”, which uses music to help Vets through their rehabilitation period. Greg contacted me with a few corrections below:

1) I should have said “Greg became Musicorps first Guitar Director” instead of “His program is called Musicorps.”

2) Greg clarified that he is working with the nonprofit, not getting paid by the hospital. So instead of:

“Greg initially volunteered his services, but his client book grew tothe point where he could no longer tutor the vets for free an so the Hospital finally broke down and offered him a small stipend.”

it should say:

“Greg initially volunteered his services, and now recieves a small stipend from Musicorps.”

Greg says “This is particularly important to us because people often assume that because we work at Walter Reed, we are funded by Walter Reed. We’re not. Musicorps is provided by a 3rd party 501-c-3 nonprofit organization ( /, and it’s a constant effort to communicate what all of us experience with every visit: there has never been anything like it before, we’re getting fantastic results, and we need to encourage support so that we can provide it to even more injured vets.

So help Greg and Musicorps out, whadda ya say?

Rupert Scofield


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