Calamity Jan

13 January 2012

My homies are in from around the globe for our January strategic planning exercise. Looking forward to discussing how we meet the myriad challenges on our plate and raise our game, providing better, cheaper services to our ever-growing client base. We should cross the 1 million borrower mark some time around mid year, if everything goes according to plan. (Doesn’t it always? No, not for you?) Also planning to enter our first new country in a long time: Nigeria.

Two years ago, on the first day of our retreat, we got the news of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, from which we and the rest of the country are still recovering.

Today’s Post reminds us that it was 30 years ago today that an Air Florida flight with ice-laden wings tried to take off from National and only got as far as the 14th Street, killing 78 people on the plane and on the bridge. Lorraine was frantic when she got the news as I was coming up from Miami on an Air Florida flight on the same day. It was in the days before cell phones (!) so there was no way for her to contact me. Needless to say, that was the end of Air Florida. And another in a long line of near misses for me.

How little we like to think of how our lives depend on those folks up in the cockpit.

In happier news a very nice interview with me in LIFESTYLES magazine this month.

Rupert Scofield


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