Born in the USA

3 May 2011

What a week Obama had. First, he finds his birth certificate (it was on the kitchen counter, under the electric bill, not lost in the move from Chicago as he feared), and then he finds Osama. The birth certificate is on the front pages of our nation’s remaining newspapers. Osama is at the bottom of the Deep Blue Sea.

If these are good times for Obama, it follows they are very bad times for the lunatic base (can’t call 30% of the electorate “fringe”) of the Republican Party. You have to feel sorry for them. With the Clintons they had a rich trove of people willing to crawl out from under their rocks, come forward and slag the President and First Lady, but with Obama they are reduced to this “silliness”.

On the drive back from New York I tuned into our Buffoon Laureate, Rush Limbaugh, to see how he was taking the news. “We should commend President Obama for continuing the policies of the Bush-Cheney Administration in the Middle East,” he puffed, always sounding as if he’s speaking to us in between bites of a very large sandwich.

Really. Just which “policies” was he talking about? Searching for WMDs in all the wrong places? Blowing up Iraq and then rebuilding it at a cost of a trillion dollars, leaving us with an unmanageable deficit we will be trying to grow out of for the next 50 years? Rush even implied that Obama had waterboarded the information out of one of the Gitmo prisoners on Osama’s courier that had broken the case.

There is one policy of Bush’s which I do admire: he knows when to shut up, which he has been doing every since he left office. Maybe Rush should emulate that one.

Rupert Scofield


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