Beware of Greeks. Period.

4 November 2011

Wow. I’m saying (thinking) that a lot lately. So it looks like the End Game many predicted, and which the EU has circled around for months, is finally goin’ down: a straight up cutting off of further Eurozone/IMF bailouts, followed by a full on sovreign default by Greece, and may pain fall where it may.

At the talk I gave tonight at Credit Suisse, one person asked me if I felt that out of chaos might be born a new order, a new Global Economic Model, based on Social Enterprise. I answered that, historically, all businesses were social enterprise, bring benefits to society like jobs, income, food, and other essential products and services society demanded. The difference today is that these benefits can’t be just local: every business needs a triple bottom line that delivers economic justice, social and environmental benefits. Otherwise as a species will will perish, slowly asphixiated or in Condi’s famous “Mushroom Cloud”.

This book tour is not as I had envisaged it, all play and no work. But it has brought one massive benefit, much like my career in microfinance: I’ve met so many great people, team mates, committed to make this world a better place.

Rupert Scofield


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