Apocalypse Not Yet

22 May 2011

The world was supposed to end yesterday, but apparently our planet didn’t get the message and keeps on turning. That makes two misses for the promoter of the Event, Harold Camping, who has built up a multi-million dollar Christian media empire based on his Doomsday predictions, the other in 1994. Camping, whom I spoke to out at his sheep ranch, shearing his flock, is undeterred. “I’m going to keeping on making these predictions,” Camping was quoted as saying just shortly after 6 pm, when it became clear that “Rapture” would continue to be just a song by Anita Baker. “It’s just too damn profitable not to!”

But just because we dodged an asteroid this time, that doesn’t mean that no one else is busily trying to engineer Armageddon. The gang who rode into power in 2010 on the wave of electoral discontent surrounding Obamascare and the failure of O to turn the economy around in his first 2 years in office, is convinced that the Administration’s warning that failing to raise the debt ceiling will crash the global economy is “just a bluff”, and that we could easily deal with the sudden inability to refinance the debt overhang with some creative cash management, like laying off the entire civil service or conducting a garage sale at Fort Knox.

Meanwhile, a busy week coming up. I have a podcast with Donna Maria at INDIE Business on Monday from 1pm to 1:30, and a book signing up in Camden, Maine, over the weekend. Don’t know how to access a podcast (or even what a podcast is? Welcome to the club. But all you need is the itunes app, which can be downloaded to your computer (and from there onto your ipod or smartphone, if you have one). Here are the instructions:

To find and subscribe to a podcast:

Launch iTunes. If you do not have iTunes, download the latest version of iTunes, free.

In the left column of iTunes, click on iTunes Store underneath the Store subheading.
Locate the navigation bar along the top of the iTunes Store homepage and click on Podcasts.
Enter “INDIE business” or “Donna Marie” and a menu of podcasts will come up.
Click on the “Free” button.
Then you go back to the podcast button under the Store homepage, and it should come up.

Rupert Scofield


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