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19 July 2011

What the buck are you doing here?

There was a five point buck (hunting terminology for a male deer with antlers) grazing in my neighbor’s yard across the street this morning. I have to say, I felt like Tony Soprano when he waddled out to get the morning paper and saw those ducks swimming in his pool. (Except I limp, I don’t waddle — old lacrosse injury, long story, we’ll get to it, promise). “Get up, Bambi! Get up!” Remember that one? Disney took risks in those days, scarring a generation who didn’t face similar trauma until Bobby De Niro held that cartridge in Christopher Walken’s face and said “See dis? This is dis, this is not something else, this is dis.”

Who could argue with that?

What the Post calls a “massive dome” of high pressue is sliding eastward from the midwest, threatening to make our already miserable lives even more insufferable with its combination of 100 plus degree and 90 plus humidity. Rush, we need your and the Global Warming Deniers’ help here! Click your heels together and repeat after me: “I don’t believe in Global Warming, I don’t believe in manmade climate change, I don’t….”

Well, it was worth a try.

There is, of course, the continuing possibility that it’s all due to the billowing gases of bullshit emanating from the Capitol these days, as our lawmakers struggle to put their ideological agendas and political ambitions aside and avoid a second crashing of the Global Financial System. Hear them struggling? I don’t either. The funny part is watching Boehner and Mitch McConnel trying to talk sense to the Madhatters of the Tea Party who, like a boom whose stays have snapped, are swinging wildly across the deck of the Ship of State and threatening to sweep everyone — including their GOP shipmates — overboard. More on that another day.

Oh, and I did a podcast with Anna Farmery of Engaging Brand Business Blog yesterday, so stay tuned to the press page of this site for its eventual appearance.

Rupert Scofield


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