Head for the Hills

6 November 2011

The Author with Dame Hund Daphne, Bayswater

Tomorrow it’s off to the University of Northampton to address the aspiring Social Entrepreneurs of the future. They will need more than their share of courage, creativity and just plain luck to survive in the world my generation is handing off to them.

The G-20 met and failed once again to come up with a solution to the Eurozone meltdown. Watching them gathered for their group photo at the non conclusion of the summit, smiling bravely despite being soaked by a cloudburst, you could almost hear Mother Nature saying “You’re all wet!”.

Meanwhile, the mood of the global proletariat grows darker. Part of the reason the G-20 can’t seem to find a solution is that the usual remedies — all of which involve a “stealth tax” on the middle class, where the governments simply borrow more to fill the hole left by the latest financial catastrophe — are off the table. No one can be found to write such a check anymore. The bail out can has a big hole drilled in the bottom, and doesn’t hold water.

The Occupy Wall Street movement is criticized because it’s leadersless, and doesn’t have a concrete agenda. Sounds kind of like the G-20, doesn’t it?

Rupert Scofield


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