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One Hummingbird Likes This

A female ruby throated hummingbird has become a regular visitor to the flower pot on my deck. She looks at me, annoyed (much like Lorraine when I disturb her in the middle of something) as if to say “What? You gotta problem?”, and then flits off. But I hadn’t realized they made a chirping sound.

I got another five star review on Amazon yesterday; the reviewer liked my description of some banking software as “buggier than nightfall over a Bangladeshi rice paddy”. The reference came from a trip I made to that country in the late 80s as a consultant to the UN Capital Development Fund to look at some agricultural credit schemes they had funded. I was in a guest house, and had boarded myself in for the night, when the air conditioning went off. Gradually, the temperature in the room rose: 90, 95, 100, 105… When it reached 120, I couldn’t take it any longer and flung open the unscreened windows.


To paraphrase D.H.Lawrence, describing what it was like to bed down with camel fleas each night in the Saudi desert: “And the mosquitoes rejoiced in the fresh meats served to them.”

Another week of high drama in our fair city with the Republican debate and Obama’s delivery of his job creation package. I enjoyed the debate; the candidates actually went at each other instead of taking the tiresome route of Obama bashing. I liked Huntsman the best, as the only one who seemed to understand that America lives in a new world dominated by the rising giants of China, Brazil and India and it would be competitive suicide to drop biology from our high school curriculae and replace it with Bible studies as Bachmann and Perry will do if elected. Rush Limbaugh cast a big, fat shadow over the debate and those two were careful not to say anything that might upset him and provide fodder for his talk show the following day. Obama’s stimulus, even in the unlikely event it passes, is not going to create enough jobs in time to save him. His fate is in the hands of larger global economic forces at this point.

I find it fascinating — morbidly so — how differently the Republican and Democrats treat their radical fringes. We Democrats throw ours under the bus at the first sign of trouble. The Republicans put theirs in the driver’s seat.

Oh ‘Bama, why hast thou forsaken us?

Barring a revolt of the Liberals in the Senate and House (are there any?), it looks like a massive victory for the Tea Party, Rush Limbaugh, and those who think the poor people in this country should make all the sacrifices and the wealthiest should……get more tax breaks. That strategy has worked brilliantly in the Middle East, so, yeah, let’s try it!

Meanwhile, Kim had to issue a ‘tweet back’ to some of her more rabid fans, who apparently discovered where she lived and have staked (stalked?) out her mans in the Hills. She appealed them to respect ‘my personal space’. Whew, so she has some, that’s good.

And, yes, I still edged her out on the Velocity of Tweet Growth Index, 4% to 2%, although she surged an impressive 174,619 to my…….3. Come on, Followers, show me some love!

What a week Obama had. First, he finds his birth certificate (it was on the kitchen counter, under the electric bill, not lost in the move from Chicago as he feared), and then he finds Osama. The birth certificate is on the front pages of our nation’s remaining newspapers. Osama is at the bottom of the Deep Blue Sea.

If these are good times for Obama, it follows they are very bad times for the lunatic base (can’t call 30% of the electorate “fringe”) of the Republican Party. You have to feel sorry for them. With the Clintons they had a rich trove of people willing to crawl out from under their rocks, come forward and slag the President and First Lady, but with Obama they are reduced to this “silliness”.

On the drive back from New York I tuned into our Buffoon Laureate, Rush Limbaugh, to see how he was taking the news. “We should commend President Obama for continuing the policies of the Bush-Cheney Administration in the Middle East,” he puffed, always sounding as if he’s speaking to us in between bites of a very large sandwich.

Really. Just which “policies” was he talking about? Searching for WMDs in all the wrong places? Blowing up Iraq and then rebuilding it at a cost of a trillion dollars, leaving us with an unmanageable deficit we will be trying to grow out of for the next 50 years? Rush even implied that Obama had waterboarded the information out of one of the Gitmo prisoners on Osama’s courier that had broken the case.

There is one policy of Bush’s which I do admire: he knows when to shut up, which he has been doing every since he left office. Maybe Rush should emulate that one.

The man Rush Limbaugh affectionally called “Mr. Newt” must be smiling now. His brilliant idea of shutting down the U.S. government in a stand off with the Democrats over the budget has risen, zombie-like, to walk the Land of the Free once again. Both the Dems and the Republicans are convinced that the American people will blame the other side for failing to budge from their entrenched positions. They can’t both be right — well, unless its a 50-50 split on the opinion poll. We shall see.

Meanwhile, I have a way out of this impasse. Downsize Congress, or right size it, or eliminate it all together. Why not? We’ve digitalized everything else in our society, why not our democracy? Just put every decision and every piece of legislation to a yes or no plebiscite. Disagreggate the budget into its components and make all the departments, including Defense, fundraise their budgets directly from the people. Want a new weapons system? Forget bribing your congressman with campaign contributions, convince me, Rupert Q Public.

Imagine going into the Capitol dome and, instead of seeing tassel toed lobbyists buying off our government, see a gallery stacked with servers, whirring away, tabulating our votes on everything from Medicare to Foreign Aid. You want it, pay for it.

How could it work worse than what we’ve got now?

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