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FINCA is a leading international microfinance organization that provides financial services to the world’s lowest-income entrepreneurs. Based in Washington DC, FINCA has local operations in 22 countries across Africa, Eurasia, The Middle East, South Asia and Latin America. Today FINCA reaches more than one million clients worldwide.

Established in 1984, FINCA helps families and whole communities to raise themselves out of poverty. FINCA microfinance loans help people start and grow businesses, provide for their families, create jobs, build assets and improve their standard of living. We help break the cycle of poverty by providing community-based credit and savings opportunities, as well as other financial services including insurance, money transfers and payment services.

FINCA pioneered the ‘Village Banking method’ of credit delivery, now used by hundreds of organizations worldwide. Our programs reach the poor in more diverse countries than any other microcredit provider.

At FINCA, we offer small microloans and other products to those turned down by traditional banks. We do this because we believe that even the poor have a right to financial services. We focus on those people living at 50 per cent below the poverty line and the rural poor. Worldwide, our clients post on-time repayment rates over 98 per cent.

Our work enables poor families to create their own solutions to poverty. Our Village Banking methodology promotes community and individual development, helping lift entire communities out of poverty.

FINCA is not a typical charity. We offer loans, not gifts, and we promote financial independence, both among our clients and in our programs. Although we are a non-profit organisation, we operate using sound business principles and an entrepreneurial spirit.

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