About FINCA International

FINCA International (“FINCA”) is a catalyst for economic growth and financial inclusion for the poor. A founding principle of FINCA is that the solutions to poverty must empower people to improve their own lives and that these solutions must be sustainable. By focusing on market-based approaches, FINCA can catalyze greater resilience and opportunity, and help the poor achieve a better standard of living.


FINCA is the founder of and majority shareholder in FINCA Impact Finance, a global network of microfinance institutions and banks offering socially responsible financial services to low-income clients. These services include small loans, savings accounts and insurance. FINCA uses financial technology (“fintech”) innovations, like mobile wallets, agency banking, alternative credit coring and digital field automation, to transform finance in underserved markets.

Social Enterprise

Over 30 years ago, one of the world’s first social enterprises began—FINCA, a bank for the poor. We are taking learnings from microfinance and applying it to solve other unmet needs. Social enterprise programs include:

  • BrightLife, a social enterprise providing last-mile distribution and financing for solar home systems, improved cookstoves and other basic service products.
  • FINCA Ventures, an early-stage impact investor providing patient capital and support to social enterprises developing life-enhancing goods for the poor.
  • FINCA Forward, an innovation platform bringing microfinance institutions and early-stage fintech companies together to expand financial inclusion.


To ensure meaningful impact for microfinance and social enterprise clients, FINCA’s research team uses a customer-driven research methodology. This aligns programs with mission, provides intelligence for enhancing FINCA’s work, and advances industry understanding of market-based development.

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